1. Development Impact Bonds: A New Paradigm For Public-Private Partnerships?

    In Part 1, Development Impact Bonds (DIBs) were introduced as a new, innovative financing tool and business model in international development finance. 

  2. Flygt Flush Valve 4901, 4910

    Automatic and continuous sump desludging. Flygt’s Flush Valve provides a simple, effective, and fully automatic way of continuously keeping pump sumps free of sludge by flushing the sump at the beginning of every pumping cycle. Sedimentation in the sump is greatly reduced, and unpleasant odors in and around the pumping station are virtually eliminated.

  3. Flygt Flush Valve 4901, 4910: Automatic Sump Desludging

    If grease and solids are permitted to build up in pump sumps, they can cause more than just an unpleasant smell. The pump’s level regulators can become fouled, reducing operational efficiency and pump life. Flooding may occur. Regular desludging is therefore essential – and that means downtime and labor costs where mechanical desludging is used.

  4. Impeller Materials

    Customers often ask us: “What's the best impeller material?” Unfortunately, there is no standard answer because there is no such thing as standard wastewater. Since there are different types of wastewater, material choice for specific sewage applications is critical for ensuring long pump life.

  5. A Full Range Of Impeller Materials

    Since there are different types of wastewater, material choice for specific sewage applications is critical for ensuring long pump life.

  6. Hydraulic Fracturing: Engineered Solutions For Effective, Efficient Water Management

    The global oil and gas landscape continues to shift as producers increasingly turn to unconventional reserves, such as shale gas and tight oil.

  7. Hydraulic Fracturing Brochure

    Hydraulic fracturing can be water intensive when compared to conventional oil and gas production methods. As a result, effective and environmentally conscious extraction of water from surface or subsurface sources is vital to the success of any fracking operation.

  8. Complete Solutions For Mine Water Balance

    Choose Xylem pumps, treatment equipment, and analytical instruments for use at every stage in mining. Our solutions are engineered for severe applications and can be counted on for reliable performance that helps you manage water in sustainable ways.

  9. Complete Solutions For Mine Water Balance Brochure

    Everything you need to transport, treat and test water is here.

  10. An Environmental Impact Study On The Manufacture, Production, And Transport Of Onsite Wastewater Treatment Systems

    A comparison of conventional and recycled thermoplastic systems

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