1. Industrial Blower Packages

    Kaeser has been designing and manufacturing superior industrial machinery since 1919. With over 90 years of manufacturing experience, we pride ourselves on upholding our traditions of quality and craftsmanship. Our reputation for reliability, energy efficiency, and excellent service has helped us grow into a global leader in blower and compressed air technology.

  2. Industrial Blower Packages Brochure

    Kaeser has been designing and manufacturing superior industrial machinery since 1919.

  3. At A Glance: Products For A Complete Air System Brochure

    Kaeser’s complete line of air system products includes industrial electric and portable gasoline and diesel rotary screw compressors with the highly efficient Sigma Profile™, rotary lobe and screw blowers, compressed air boosters, and vacuum packages.

  4. Flush With Confidence This Super Bowl Sunday, Any Time You Feel Like It

    The closer the NFL gets to its biggest game of the season, the more likely you are to hear about the infamous “Super Bowl Flush Rush.”

  5. Investing In Water: From 'Big Short' To Hot Commodity

    At the end of The Big Short, a postscript stated that one of the story's protagonists, Dr. Michael Burry (played by Christian Bale), was now focused on investing in only one commodity: water. That got my attention.

  6. Taking Care of Your Pumps and Mixers: The Importance Of Regular Servicing

    Do you want to avoid breakdowns, minimize running costs and extend the life of your pumps? It’s important to remember that a pump or mixer is no different from a car in terms of service; it needs regular maintenance in order to operate at top performance and stay in good working order for the longest possible time.

  7. Project Engineer vs. Maintenance — A Valve And Pump Enclosure Tug-Of-War

    Spec a pump enclosure once, live with it for years.

  8. Refinery Chooses Ultrasonic Flow Technology To Enhance Pipeline Upgrade

    An Oklahoma refinery recently required a flow measurement solution for a finished gasoline and diesel fuel line leaving the refinery site. They were already using a Siemens clamp-on check meter and interface detector elsewhere and hoped to install the same product on the fuel line. However, the local Siemens representative determined that there would not be enough straight run of pipe to support a clamp-on meter, and the refinery decided that they would need to bring the pipe above ground.

  9. Operation Brain Drain: Workforce Issues At California Utilities

    Every weekday morning at about 9:00 a.m., hopeful water professionals get the latest job posting from Brown and Caldwell, the go-to website for water industry job openings. By around lunchtime that same day, one maintenance worker position gets roughly 100 to 200 views.

  10. Local Support Saves Time And Money

    At a water treatment plant that provides drinking water for distribution to a large area of customers, a contractor decided to switch to SITRANS FM MAG 5100W flowmeters. A local representative saved a the contractor time and money by recognizing the need for the magmeter to be isolated from the piping protection before startup, which also saved the customer from added downtime.