1. WWEMA Window: 'Buy American' March To The Sea

    Many of you may have grown up in the decades where your perfectly reasonable teenage parental “ask” was met with the story of lemmings blindly following their leader over the cliff to their death at sea.

  2. Monster Clears Clogs And Streamlines Septage Delivery At Ventura Regional Sanitation District

    The Ventura Regional Sanitation District’s Liquid Waste Treatment Facility (LWTF) was experiencing a double-threat to safety and productivity.

  3. Automation 101: Design For Operation

    We hear many paradigms in the design world — design for manufacture, design for assembly, etc. What we don’t often hear is design for operation.

  4. Solutions For A Water-Scarce Future

    The challenge of urban water scarcity is clear, present, and growing. In 2000, 150 million people lived in cities facing perennial water shortages, where available supply per person is less than 100 liters a day.

  5. The Benefits Of Reusing Wastewater

    Since water is an essential element in food or beverage operations, reusing it can reduce a business’s water usage ratios, help meet sustainability goals, lower supply risk and contribute to cost savings, making it a top priority for many companies today.

  6. Applications And Sustainable Solutions For Food And Beverage

    In the food and beverage industry, sustainable water management reduces water and energy consumption through water reuse solutions thereby reducing the plant’s environmental impact while helping companies meet their water usage ratio goals. With a commitment to providing excellent support to our customers, Xylem has the technologies to convert water challenges to business advantages while ensuring regulatory compliance and maintaining product quality.

  7. Xylem Solutions Can Make Your Plant More Efficient

    Xylem has extensive experience in the Food and Beverage industry converting water challenges into business advantages. If you have compliance or production issues, we can help. Read more for three brief case studies showing how we’ve done exactly that.

  8. LADWP Achieves Demand Management Goals With Unique Volumetric Rate Structure, Long-Term Planning

    The Department of Water and Power (DWP) serves the City of Los Angeles and some small adjacent areas and is the one of the largest municipal utilities in the nation.

  9. What Does It Take To Really Impress Your Customer?

    Service. A large part of customer service is creating a seamless experience between the customer’s expectation, and your ability to exceed their anticipated need.

  10. Pilot Testing Potassium Sulfate Crystallization

    ICP’s Ochoa Mine Project is projected to produce approximately 714,000 tons per year of SOP (K2SO4) from polyhalite ore for greater than fifty years as concluded in a feasibility study.

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