1. Power Market

    Veolia Water Technologies has hundreds of power generation references worldwide. Learn more about specific applications for the power industry.

  2. Pulp & Paper Market

    With more than 1,000 references in the pulp & paper industry worldwide, Veolia is the recognized leader for black liquor recovery and water & wastewater treatment systems supplied on a global basis.

  3. Macerator Explodes, Monster Sludge Grinder Takes Over

    The Coeur D’Alene, ID, wastewater treatment plant was having continual problems with two sludge macerators, in part because of the durability of the macerator.

  4. GF Piping Systems: One Company, Many Offerings

    George Fischer has consolidated their approach to the market to become more efficient and unified than ever.

  5. Automation Trends Revealed

    Craig Correia, process automation manager with Festo Corporation, talks about industry drivers for automated systems.

  6. What Is Intelligent Flushing?

    With water conservation being mandated in California and the public slowly waking up to the value of treated water, line flushing can seem to the uninitiated like an unnecessary waste.

  7. Smart Water For Smart Cities

    Schneider Electric looks at the challenges that municipalities are faced with, and helps cities try and be smarter in the way they meet what the people living in these cities need.

  8. Activated Carbon Stays Strong

    Sometimes the old ways are the best. Adsorption using porous carbons was described as early as 1550 B.C. on ancient Egyptian papyrus and the treatment method has remained useful for confronting today’s contamination problems.

  9. Math Solutions: More Flow Rate Conversion Calculations

    Water Online’s “Math Solutions” series, presented by wastewater consultant and trainer Dan Theobald (“Wastewater Dan”), instructs operators on flow rate conversion calculations.

  10. Flygt SmartRun®

    Introducing SmartRun, a pump controller solution for pump stations with up to three alternating pumps. An integral part of the Flygt Experior® concept, this pump-control unit lets your pump take care of itself, freeing the pump station from debris, setting the optimal speed for energy efficiency and cost savings, as well as communicating with external monitoring equipment for peace of mind. SmartRun handles pump cleaning, pipe cleaning, sump cleaning, soft starts and stops; giving you to a new level of reliability and efficiency in an easy-to-install solution. The integrated intelligence and variable speed control mean it’s the perfect match for Flygt N-pumps – a combination that can potentially reach energy savings up to 50%

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