1. Venturi Inlet Single-Jet Technology

    Venturi Inlet (Single Jet) - The Venturi inlet conditions the water into a jet directing the flow and force of water towards the tips of the impeller.

  2. Cellular-Based Technology Offers AMI Without The Investment

    The processes of moving to an (AMI) automated metering infrastructure system can be daunting. But with cellular-based meter-reading everything is already in place for an AMI network.

  3. Research To The Rescue: Solutions For Today’s Top Water Challenges

    The Water Research Foundation (WaterRF) should be well known to those interested in the latest solutions to the water/wastewater industry’s most pressing challenges — they’ve been solving such problems since 1966 — but in case you don’t know…

  4. Is UV Poised For Increased Adoption?

    Disinfection can be achieved through chlorine, membranes, ozonation, or UV (among others), but the latter may be best equipped to serve the changing water treatment market.

  5. The Growing Relationship Between Mining And The Water Sector

    Global mining is emerging as a key sales channel for water players. Bluefield Research is forecasting the global mining sector’s capital investment in water solutions to grow to $17 billion in 2019. 

  6. Why Engineers Can’t Solve The Water Shortage With Supply-Side Solutions

    We are at the point where there is precious little left to dig or dam or drain or pump, and we are going to have a problem explaining that us engineers don’t have all the answers. 

  7. Changing Water Conditions Dictate ‘A Shift That Is Here To Stay’

    When it comes to potable water, the biggest problem is that there isn’t enough available — at least not in the drought-ridden Western states of the U.S.

  8. WWEMA Window: The Necessity of Association

    Keeping up with the changing needs, regulations, and nuances of the water and wastewater markets is too much to ask of any one individual or company.  That is even more true when you add in the complexities of an aging infrastructure, a growing population, and increasing industrial and agricultural needs that continue to provide new opportunities for the thousands of companies in our industry.  Most manufacturers recognize this overwhelming challenge and have come to depend on external nonprofit organizations and the role they play in the continued success and growth of our industries. By John Collins, JCM Industries

  9. Is It Time For An Intelligent Wastewater Network?

    Mainland Europe has had intelligence in some of its wastewater networks for over ten years now, and some of the oldest real-time control systems in the U.S. date back to the 1980’s. So why has intelligence in the wastewater network not been more abundant?

  10. Pipeline Management: Old Isn’t Always Bad

    Bury and forget—that’s how water pipelines are often approached.

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