1. Proven Water And Wastewater Solutions

    Humans consume vast quantities of water and create an increasing amount of wastewater. This places greater emphasis on environmentally responsible water treatment and leveraging reclaimed resources. Wasting water poses sustainability challenges, depletes energy reserves, and undermines ecosystem health.

  2. Private Water Players Vie For Larger Global Stakes

    Access to water supplies globally is increasingly threatened by climate change and inadequate public investment in infrastructure. As a result, governments, municipal utilities, and key stakeholders have been forced to address the intensely debated role of private sector participation as a longer-term solution to local water stresses. Recent analysis by Bluefield Research indicates a dynamic landscape undergoing significant change.

  3. Next-Level Communications Solves SCADA Problem For City Of St. George

    Water and wastewater treatment facilities around the globe are turning to the Industrial Internet of Things (IIoT) to help automate and improve the security of their facilities through high performance M2M wireless communications. In fact, there is a suite of Class 1 and Div 2 spread spectrum unlicensed and licensed radios specifically for water/wastewater applications, including high-speed wireless Ethernet, serial, and IO radios. These radios can be easily networked to ensure that facility monitoring and performance data are accurate and delivered in a timely fashion. These solutions can help municipalities design and implement a world-class point to point wireless network for unique facility applications including water and wastewater treatment plant monitoring, pump house control, chemical monitoring and control, SCADA systems, remote video surveillance and security, water flow control, and cathodic protection applications.

  4. Wastewater Plant Solves Combined Sewer And Flow Metering Problems

    The Easterly Wastewater Treatment Plant recently found ways to solve two knotty problems at essentially the same time. Because of the number of combined sewers in Easterly’s service area, the plant needed to add capacity and overflow storage, and management decided to also address a need that was going to grow in importance in the near future — flow metering. By Jack Sine, FLEXIM Americas Corp.

  5. A Cost Effective Solution To A Complex Problem

    A Montana Water District was under an Administrative Order of Compliance by the EPA to install filtration to comply with the Surface Water Treatment Rule (LT2ESWTR) or possibly loose their only water source, the Missouri River.

  6. UVC LEDs For Biofilm Prevention

    Biofilm has adverse effects on all types of instruments, sensors, and equipment used in power plants, food and beverage production plants, desalination facilities, paper mills, and marine environments. This includes growth on pipelines, tanks, heat exchangers, reverse osmosis (RO) membranes, and other equipment. Biofilms can cause reduction of heat transfer, increased pressure drop and corrosion of metallic surfaces, and many forms of contamination. 

  7. Hydraulic Fracturing And The EPA Water Study: Where Do We Go From Here?

    It’s been two months since EPA released its much anticipated draft report on hydraulic fracturing, and organizations like ours are busy preparing their official comments, which are due at the end of August. But based on what we have learned so far and what has been written in the media, it’s important to spend some time on what the report said — and didn’t say — and what it all means.

  8. LAGOON MASTER™ Sludge Activating Aerator

    Recreational ponds, wastewater lagoons, fish grow-out ponds and small, shallow lakes have always exhibited the problem of organic matter collecting on the bottom and eventually becoming polluted.  Wastewater lagoons are especially fraught with problems because their purpose is to clean the wastewater to the point that it can be released back into the environment.  Over the years many different things have been attempted to assist in degrading the organic matter that builds up in the “sludge” on the bottom of these water bodies.

  9. LAGOON MASTER™ Sludge Activating Aerator Brochure

    The Reliant Lagoon Master Water-Moving Aeration System (formerly Model WQA) is not just an aerator, but it is a water-mover with the ability to deliver large amounts of dissolved oxygen (DO) using a minimum of energy. When compared to standard paddlewheel, vortex, hose diffusion, spray (fountain), or aspirating aerators, the Lagoon Master is more efficient, less costly to operate, and requires less maintenance.

  10. Florida WWTP Expansion Plays Important Role In Ecosystem Recovery And Protection

    Panama City Beach is situated on 27 miles of white-sand beaches in the panhandle of Northwest Florida.  The city is ecologically significant in that it is surrounded by thousands of acres of protected wetlands which are part of the West Bay Ecosystem. 

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