1. How To Recognize, Strategize, And Monetize Water Risk

    There’s no denying that conversations are readily available on all types of “costs” of addressing the global water crisis: the cost to the environment; the cost to be paid by future generations; the costs of not keeping on top of water infrastructure maintenance and reinforcement; the cost to private households, etc.

  2. Screentec Pump Station Bar Screen Datasheet

    Screentec is a mechanical vertical bar screen that can be installed in many applications, including Headworks, Lift Stations, Deep Wells and Manholes. Due to its vertical design, Screentec can retrofit any kind of structure with minimal or no changes.

  3. TrojanUVSwift™ (Brochure)

    Engineered and built for dependable performance, the TrojanUVSwift™ requires a minimal number of lamps to treat a given flow, and is serviceable from one side for easy maintenance.

  4. AM-TBR Turbidimeter

    The AM-TBR was designed to be cost effective to purchase and even more cost effective to maintain. The turbidimeter is modular to make servicing and cleaning quick and easy. The compact sample volume of 30 ml means that you will go through less calibration solution over time.

  5. AM-TBR Turbidimeter Datasheet

    AM-TBR builds on a 35 year old heritage of measuring turbidity in wa­ter and wastewater installations around the world.

  6. Climbing Higher For A Better View: Keys To Successful Water Management

    Many utilities are moving to a traditional business mindset rather than continuing as largely compliance-driven entities. This is challenging leaders to apply asset management and smart infrastructure strategies, to become more programmatic in managing water, and to consider the big picture in addressing public needs.

  7. 2300 CS (Cellular Solution) Multi-Input Cellular Based Controller

    The 2300 CS packs the breakthrough 2300 multi-input controller into a complete cellular based communication system in one neat, compact package. Everything needed to monitor and control your process or assets from anywhere in the world is included.

  8. Pump Station Bar Screen Solves City’s Unique Problem

    As representatives of a small community, the Mendocino City Community Services District administrators felt strongly that they needed to deliver terrific wastewater treatment value at the lowest cost for their taxpayers.

  9. PPCPs: Preparing For An Uncertain Regulatory Future

    As regulations tighten and technology evolves, monitoring and removing pharmaceuticals and personal care products (PPCPs) from wastewater streams becomes more complex. A laboratory information management system (LIMS) may be the key to managing this complexity.

  10. Asbestos Pipe Safety Awareness And Compliance

    The distribution system for water treatment has several hazards especially asbestos cement piping.

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