Water Online Radio

  1. Smart Water Meters Provide Conservation Insight For Utilities And Rate Payers

    The latest advances in water meter technology enable information sharing that improves water conservation for both utilities and customers.

  2. Submersible Wastewater Pumps Emphasize Reliability, Response Time And A Reduced Carbon Footprint

    Chantale Lhersonneau, Sales Manager for KSB, discusses the keys to success for the Company’s global distribution of submersible wastewater pumps.

  3. A Commitment To Employee Ownership

    Ryan Spanton, Regional Sales Manager with WesTech Engineering, talks about the company’s focus on customers as brand advocates and other trends for the water and wastewater industries.

  4. Eliminate Filter Maintenance Costs Once And For All

    Polly Stenberg, Director of Sales with Forsta Filters, explains how self-cleaning filters significantly cut costs and reduce maintenance for industrial, municipal, and irrigation applications.

  5. Can’t Keep Up? Partner With A Manufacturers’ Rep To Sustain Growth

    Rich Cavagnaro, President of AdEdge Water Technologies, and Tom Carmody, President of TC Tech LLC, share how their companies have partnered to successfully grow business in the advanced water treatment technology space.

  6. How To Select A Valve For Cost Savings

    Tim Fallon, Product Manager at the Henry Pratt Company, explains how valve selection affects efficiency of flow, thereby influencing total electric costs for pumping water.

  7. Safer Disinfection With Peracetic Acid

    John Maziuk, Technical Development Manager at Solvay Chemicals, discusses the benefits of peracetic acid over other wastewater and stormwater disinfection methods, including no harmful byproducts, a simpler process, and a longer shelf life.

  8. Expert Analysis: Do Our Water Systems Make The Grade?

    Water Online Radio sits down with water expert G. Tracy Mehan, a principal with the Cadmus Group and former Assistant Administrator for Water at the U.S. EPA, to get an overview of the progress and challenges facing the water and wastewater industry.

  9. Lessons On Communication For The Water Industry

    Water Online Radio talks to Dr. Donna Vincent Roa, water sector communication expert and managing partner of the Vincent Roa Group, about the importance of communication and innovation in the water industry.

  10. The World Of Desalination, Opened

    Avshalom Felber, president and CEO of IDE Technologies, talks to Water Online Radio about the advancement of desalination technologies worldwide, the applications for both municipal and industrial markets, and how to overcome the obstacles to widespread adoption.