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  1. Solving Wet Weather—The Impact On Secondary Treatment

    Extreme wet weather events aren’t that common. But that doesn’t mean they should be ignored, says Julian Sandino of CH2M Hill. 

  2. 3 Keys To Successful Water Treatment

    What is PQR? According to Xylem, it’s the foundation for solving water in the 21st century.

  3. Climate Change, Nutrient Issues Among Top Threats For The Future

    After working for six years with The Johnson Foundation at Wingspread on solutions to emerging threats in the water sector — climate change and nutrient pollution among them — Lynn Broaddus, director of The Johnson Foundation’s Environment Programs, shares her outlook for the future.

  4. Efficient, Safe And Non-Clogging Equals Longevity For Wastewater Pumps

    Frank Rebori, President of Smith & Loveless, recently sat down with Water Online Radio to explain the equation: Efficient + Safe + Non-Clogged = Longevity

  5. Looking To The Future Of Wastewater Treatment

    Evoqua is looking toward the future– and that future is energy-neutral wastewater treatment plants.

  6. The Progress Of Decentralized Systems

    Decentralized systems have come a long way from the days of rudimentary systems for single family homes — they can now accommodate larger flows and much more complex requirements, according to Bob Rebori, President at Bio-Microbics, during a Water Online radio interview.

  7. Energy Savings At The Aeration Basin

    With infrastructure dollars still tightly constricted, Aeration Industries International is focusing its attention on making wastewater treatment as cost-effective as possible. “Eighty percent of a wastewater treatment plant’s energy consumption takes place at the aeration basin,” Michael Ramirez, Director of Marketing for Aeration Industries points out in this Water Online radio interview. “Infrastructure dollars are low, everybody knows that. So we need to look for ways to really save money for the customer.”

  8. How To Wipe Out 'Flushable' Wipes

    More than two years ago, Jefferson Parish, LA, installed Flygt Experior pumps at their worst-performing lift stations — sites that were plagued by clogging, overflows, and daily maintenance requirements. One of the main culprits was nonwoven fabrics, aka "flushable" wipes, which have become a nationwide nuisance for wastewater utilities.

  9. Readers’ Choice: Top 10 Water Online Podcasts

    At ACE14, Water Online’s “Todd and Todd” radio host duo—Todd Schnick and Todd Youngblood— sat down with over 50 experts from across the water industry.  Here are the Top 10 Water Online Radio interviews from ACE14 based on reader traffic. 

  10. Rethinking Old Standards: A Few Small Changes Pave Way For Innovation

    Innovation doesn’t necessarily require a brand new concept.

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