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  1. Water Controls Benefit From Close Systems Integrator - Manufacturer Relationship

    Primex Controls is a full-service, system-integration company that builds everything from small, pump control panels to full-blown SCADA systems for water plants that serve 50-60 million people. In this Water Online Radio interview, John Buesgens, Business Development Manager with Primex, and Blair Sooley, Account Manager with Trihedral, talk about the value of the vendor integrator relationship for utilities.

  2. American Iron And Steel Requirements For Pipelines

    EBAA Iron is a family owned privately held company based in Eastland, TX, whose primary products for the water works industry are pipe restraint mechanisms, which aid in keeping the pipelines together. The cost of going back to a pipeline is much higher to repair it than the initial installation, and EBAA Iron’s products are primarily used in the new installations in order to ensure that they withstand the life of the pipeline itself by keeping everything held together.

  3. Water Service Shut Offs Without The Confrontation

    Turning off water service for non-payment is one of the hardest parts of the job for utility workers. It can also be dangerous as agitated consumers can become verbally and sometimes physically abusive seeing their water service shut off. A new remotely-controlled meter helps remove workers from the chance of physical confrontation.

  4. Big Pipe, Big Consequences

    When you go really big on pipe, the stakes get higher. Maintenance and energy costs can easily skyrocket, and failure on components such as valves is not an option.

  5. Considerations When Buying A Storage Tank

    When some people think of a water tank, they think it’s very simple. However, as Rosemarie Bristol, a marketing and sales manager with American Structures, told Water Online, there are many factors that should be taken into consideration, in addition to the budget.

  6. Reduce Maintenance And Extend Longevity With Dual Tubing

    Bill McDowell, Sales Engineer with Blue-White Industries, sat down with Water Online Radio to discuss the new things happening with their company and their peristaltic pump tubing lines.

  7. Band-Aids Or Permanent Repairs For Pipes?

    If you go onto the internet you can quickly find that the U.S. has more than one million miles of water main pipe buried in the ground somewhere in this country. That is enough water pipe to go around world more than three times.

  8. Are You Analyzing Water Hardness?

    Heyl Brothers is a manufacturer of analyzers that specializes in analyzing some of the more uncommon parameters in water such as hardness, alkalinity, phosphates and polymers. Hardness in particular can be incredibly … well… hard on a plant’s boiler.

  9. Hinge-Less Valve Keeps Sewers Functional

    In 1984, the US EPA asked Red Valve to help mitigate some of the inflow and infiltration problems it was seeing with traditional flap gate valves.

  10. More Education For The End Consumer

    AMI solutions play an important role in the drought in the U.S. today. It gives the utilities the ability to collect very granular data about the consumption, as well as things that are going on in the distribution network. Joe Ball, Director of Solutions Marketing for Water with Itron, sat down with Water Online Radio to tell us more.