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  1. What’s In An Underdrain? More Than You Might Think

    Media filtration is employed for a variety of treatment applications — drinking water, wastewater recycle/reuse, and pretreatment for desalination among them — but practitioners may be missing out on a key opportunity for savings.

  2. Peristaltic Vs. Diaphragm Pumps

    Bill McDowell of Blue-White Industries, a supplier of chemical metering pumps and flow meters, recently sat down with Water Online Radio and explained the difference between peristaltic pumps and diaphragm pumps.

  3. The Benefits Of Process Monitoring

    Efficiency is the buzzword with utilities these days — there is little tolerance for wasted time, money, or water.

  4. Enhanced Flow Measurement For Challenging Flow Situations

    Flow metering is a key element in water plant operations and distribution. As operational efficiency has grown in importance over the past 5 years so has flow measurement, informing operators of flow rates, destinations, and critically, how much treated water is getting lost on its way to customers.

  5. Corrosion Prevention, Energy Savings With Iron Pipe

    In this Water Online Radio interview, Maury Gaston of American Ductile Iron Pipe and American SpiralWeld Pipe talks about the many benefits of iron pipe and the company’s improved polyethylene encasement.

  6. Cellular-Based Technology Offers AMI Without The Investment

    The processes of moving to an (AMI) automated metering infrastructure system can be daunting. But with cellular-based meter-reading everything is already in place for an AMI network.

  7. Research To The Rescue: Solutions For Today’s Top Water Challenges

    The Water Research Foundation should be well known to those interested in the latest solutions to the water/wastewater industry’s most pressing challenges — they’ve been around since 1966 — but in case you don’t know…

  8. Is UV Poised For Increased Adoption?

    Disinfection can be achieved through chlorine, membranes, ozonation, or UV (among others), but the latter may be best equipped to serve the changing water treatment market.

  9. Changing Water Conditions Dictate ‘A Shift That Is Here To Stay’

    When it comes to potable water, the biggest problem is that there isn’t enough available — at least not in the drought-ridden Western states of the U.S.

  10. Pipeline Management: Old Isn’t Always Bad

    Bury and forget—that’s how water pipelines are often approached.

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