Protection & Restoration of Wastewater Infrastructure.

Sauereisen is one of the world’s leading manufacturers of corrosion-resistant materials. Established in 1899, our reputation is based on protecting concrete and steel.

Whether it’s new construction or restoration, Sauereisen has the substrate repair materials and corrosion barriers for your specific application. Likewise, we provide products to solve water inflow and Infiltration problems.

Sauereisen’s Polymer Linings are the proven solution to combat Microbiologically Induced Corrosion. From collection systems to treatment facilities, our systems have a successful, well-established reputation among contractors, municipalities and engineering firms coast to coast.

A Specialized, Corrosion-Resistant Lining
Sauereisen’s modern breakthrough is a unique polymer lining system proven in the field. SewerGard No. 210, specifically formulated for municipal wastewater environments, offers an economical solution. SewerGard is available in four variations – Sprayable, Trowelable, Rotary Spray and Glaze. Each version is engineered to maximize protection of various wastewater treatment structures.

Sauereisen’s expertise in corrosion carries over to several industries with aggressive chemical environments. Contact us for additional solutions for power plants, food & beverage areas, chemical processing and pulp & paper mills.

Click here to download the "Protection And Restoration Of Municipal Wastewater Infrastructures" brochure.

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