Rugged and Reliable Instrumentation For Over 50 Years

The legendary status of the Aquametrix differential probe is the benchmark by which all of our sensors are manufactured. Nothing gets the Aquametrix label unless we are satisfied that it will stand up to abuses in water that other products cannot. Water Analytics will never make a "me too" product. Every sensor and every analyzer that makes it to the marketplace is a world class leader. Everything you see in our catalog is best in class when it comes to durability, value and simplicity.


AM-TBR Turbidimeter

AM-TBR Turbidimeter

The AM-TBR was designed to be cost effective to purchase and even more cost effective to maintain. The turbidimeter is modular to make servicing and cleaning quick and easy. The compact sample volume of 30 ml means that you will go through less calibration solution over time.

2300 Multi-Input Controller

2300 Multi-Input Controller

The 2300 offers a real breakthrough in process control. It features the functionality of a PLC and a SCADA in a compact package for the price of a transmitter.

Aquametrix 4-20 mA Collection

Aquametrix 4-20 mA Collection

This section is not a new category of products. Rather it is a grouping of sensors from our product line that all have a common feature—direct 4-20 mA output.

pH / ORP Differential Probes

pH / ORP Differential Probes

There are hundreds of pH and ORP probes in the marketplace. Only a few use differential technology. And only one is the legendary Aquametrix probe.

Shark Multi-Parameter Controller

Shark Multi-Parameter Controller

The Shark is designed to be the most flexible, easy to use, and easy to see multi-parameter controller on the market.

Conductivity Probes

Conductivity Probes

A conductivity system is only as good as the sensor or cell which provides the signal to the analyzer or controller.

AM-LDO Luminesescent Dissolved Oxygen

AM-LDO Luminesescent Dissolved Oxygen

Aquametrix has been selling polarographic dissolved oxygen analyzers for over three decades. We are now pleased to be able to offer an optical dissolved oxygen sensor that outputs directly a 4-20 or Modbus signal. Optical DO sensors offer advantages over electrochemical DO sensors in that they are inherently self-referencing, require no warm-up period and do not require flow and are less affected by fouling.



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    Why A Little Knowledge About Sensors Can Be A Dangerous Thing

    Every day our technical support people answer questions on the selection of sensors for pH, ORP, conductivity, dissolved oxygen and turbidity. No issue generates more confusion than cell constants for conductivity sensors. The vast majority of returns we process are for conductivity sensors that were ordered with the wrong cell constant. It turns out that cell constants are something that we all read but that most of us don’t really understand. Pick the wrong cell constant for a probe and your analyzer will happily give you numbers to 3 significant digits. The only problem is those numbers are wrong. By Mark Spencer, President, Water Analytics

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    Aquametrix And The Analyzer

    Mark Spencer, President of Water Analytics, explains his plans for Aquametrix and the Company’s new 2400 analyzer.

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    The Everyman’s Guide To The Miraculous But Misunderstood ORP Sensor

    Everyone in the water and wastewater industry knows and measures pH. Conductivity is a concept we all readily grasp. Dissolved oxygen and free chlorine are easy to understand since they refer to actual chemicals. But ORP is another matter. If you know that it stands for oxidation-reduction potential then you are already in a select minority. And if you can really explain what it means then you are eligible. By Mark Spencer, Aquametrix

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    Water Analytics Expands Its Reach

    Mark Spencer, president of Water Analytics/ Aquametrix, sat down with Water Online Radio for this live interview from the show floor at WEFTEC 2011 in Los Angeles. Among other topics, Spencer shared his insight on new product development and the future of water instrumentation.

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    The 10 Things You Should Know About pH And ORP

    As a manufacturer, our technical support department receives a steady flood of phone calls or e-mails for problems concerning the measurement of pH and ORP.

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Aquametrix - Rugged and Reliable Instrumentation for Over 50 Years. Made in the USA

AquaMetrix products have been manufactured for more than five decades. The company has grown into a worldwide maker of water quality instrumentation that is known for working in environments where nothing else works. Aquametrix products have been made in the United States since 2010.

The Aquametrix differential pH and ORP probes are found in the most hostile processes in industry. Where other sensors typically last months the P60 line sensor lasts years. Three series of conductivity sensors cover any application from ultra-pure to brine solutions. The P91 dissolved oxygen sensor has been installed in thousands of installations worldwide. Shark analyzers exemplify the Aquametrix reputation for simplicity and durability. The Shark controller and Shark TX handle a pH, ORP, conductivity or flow sensor with a simple menu change and comes complete for NEMA 4X operation with no added costs.

Under Water Analytics ownership, a steady stream of improvements have made existing products even better, while a suite of new products have been rolling out to supply more options to the water treatment industry. No other company offers a two year in-field warranty.