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Since 1986, we have been working to create the world’s most capable and reliable HMI/SCADA software. To this end, we have attracted a skilled and motivated team of programmers and engineers with diverse backgrounds in process monitoring and control.

To keep moral high and turnover low, we offer competitive salaries, benefits, and a stock purchase plan. Our supportive and flexible work environment encourages team members to take initiative and collaborate across departments to provide the most reliable and cost effective solutions to our customer’s problems.

This corporate philosophy has seen our business grow from one entrepreneur’s vision to a flourishing global company with offices in Bedford Nova Scotia, Aberdeen Scotland, and Orlando Florida serving a customer base spanning six continents.

We have maintained our competitive advantage by attracting and maintaining a skilled and motivated team of engineers and programmers. In addition to competitive salaries, benefits, and stock purchase plan, we offer a supportive work environment that includes a pool table, out-door barbeques, and offices with windows overlooking scenic Bedford Basin.

Our team is encouraged to take initiative and freely collaborate across departments to provide the most reliable and cost effective solutions to our customer’s problems. This corporate philosophy has seen our business grow from the vision of one entrepreneur into a flourishing global company in an exploding high-technology field.

VTScada SCADA Software - Intuitive means many things to many people, but most agree that intuitive designs should work for you and not the other way around. It simply doesn't feel intuitive if you must source third-party products to make the solution work - like a DB, OPC drivers, auto-dialer or version control. The right product should let you design the way you want, objects first then graphics or vice-versa. It should also be designed for the special needs of Industrial control, not generic IT technology that require many add-ons to manage & worry about. Discover VTScada.

Typical applications:

  • Collections System SCADA
  • Distribution System SCADA
  • Wastewater Treatment and Water Reclamation Plant HMI
  • Water Treatment Plant HMI
  • Water Management District SCADA
  • Water Quality Monitoring and Data Logging
  • Online (Internet) Monitoring of Remote SCADA Complex Combination Systems including Multiple Plants and SCADA

VTScada Installation Maps
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Acclaimed Support - Worldwide support and installation services are delivered by teams of factory trained system integrators, working directly with our engineers and developers. Our commitment to customer service has earned us the trust and respect of our customers. Don't take our word for it. Tom Wallace of Gainesville Regional Utilities describes an incident where the VTScada support team went beyond the call of duty to help his utility out of a tight spot.

Video: A SCADA Technician Describes The Importance Of Technical Support

Water Online Radio: Applying SCADA In Ocala - Bryan Sinkler of Trihedral discusses Ocala, FL’s SCADA application including SCADA lifespan concerns, integration of security cameras with their SCADA system and the benefits of multiple SCADA historians.

Water Online Radio: Trihedral Shares The Capabilities Of SCADA

See how VTScada is perfectly suited to the rigorous demands of the water and wastewater industries and see examples of our global portfolio of applications spanning twenty-seven years.

Presentation: VTScada HMI Software In The Water & Wastewater Industry


VTScada comes with a wide variety of components that you can use to build an unlimited number of high-resolution custom meters.

Video: Build Your Own Custom Meters With VTScada


VTScada Internet Connectivity (VIC) allows VTScada users the freedom to monitor and control their process from anywhere, anytime. Combined with three levels of security and automatic failover, the VIC is just as reliable as a full-installation VTScada Client.

Video: VTScada Internet Connectivity (VIC)



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