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Ovivo is a world leader in engineered water treatment solutions. We bring together some of the world's most established brands with an amalgamated heritage of over 200 years of experience. Our expertise spans all industries and solutions applicable to water, wastewater and ultra-pure water.

Brochure: AEROSTRIP® Systems   Advances In MBR: Biological Treatment With Enviroquip And 'Biohydraulics'   Ovivo Creates Energy While Cleaning Water
Brochure: AEROSTRIP® Systems   Advances In MBR: Biological Treatment With Enviroquip And 'Biohydraulics'   Ovivo Creates Energy While Cleaning Water




The unique, flexible strip design of the AEROSTRIP diffuser was developed in 1995. With the first U.S. installation in 2000, customers from coast to coast have benefited from the resulting energy savings, wide-range turndown capability and long membrane life of the AEROSTRIP diffusers.
microBLOX™ System

microBLOX™ System

microBLOX™ Membrane Bioreactor (MBR) systems are fully functional solutions to wastewater treatment problems and are ideally suited for a wide range of applications, including, but not limited to: housing developments, state parks, rest areas, isolated communities, military camps, shopping malls, golf courses, resorts, casinos, sewer mining (scalping), some industrial and more.
LM™ (Linear Motion) Mixer

LM™ (Linear Motion) Mixer

LM mixers offer solutions to the challenges of mixing wastewater in both thin sludge and thick sludge applications. Independently run and reported full lithium chloride tracer test studies and Computational Fluid Dynamic (CFD) analyses have shown that LM mixers provide homogeneous mixing by creating a turbulent liquid-core of micro and macro eddy currents.
EWT™ Carrousel® Systems

EWT™ Carrousel® Systems

With over 700 US installations, Ovivo’s EWT™ Carrousel® System is universally praised for its durability, operational simplicity, low operating and maintenance costs and consistently high effluent quality.
The Enviroquip® MBR System

The Enviroquip® MBR System

MBR technology has been successfully used for the treatment of municipal, commercial and industrial wastewaters for discharge and reuse since the 1980s.

Ovivo OEM Parts and Services

Ovivo OEM Parts and Services

Our certified installation experts provide years of experience. Our fast-efficient service is guaranteed to be: done right and on time, every time. Ovivo’s field service professionals have the engineering skills and experience to provide quality low-cost turn-key projects.

Ovivo Cleartec® System

Ovivo Cleartec® System

IFAS (Integrated Film Activated Sludge) is an economical solution for the upgrade and expansion of existing activated sludge systems. IFAS is particularly suitable to plants where additional aerations basins cannot be accommodated.
PAD® Processes

PAD® Processes

The PAD® process (Pre-thickened Aerobic Digestion) is a controlled aerobic digestion system specifically designed to handle thickened sludge and to meet the Class B requirements for pathogens and vector attraction.
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  • MBR Helps Ohio WWTP Expand Its Facility Within Its Existing Footprint
    MBR Helps Ohio WWTP Expand Its Facility Within Its Existing Footprint

    The Carrollton Wastewater Treatment Plant located in eastern Ohio, was upgraded from conventional activated sludge technology.

  • MBR Myths by Ovivo
    MBR Myths by Ovivo

    In this video, Ovivo, which recently was awarded a contract to supply equipment for the largest MBR system in North America at 42 MGD, looks at the common objections associated with MBR Plants. With over 130 operating plants in the US and 330 plants worldwide, Ovivo provides answers.

  • Flat-Sheet Membrane Units Increase WWTP Capacity
    Flat-Sheet Membrane Units Increase WWTP Capacity

    Following several years of inadequate performance and intensive cleaning requirements, the owners of the Callao, VA, wastewater treatment plant looked for a solution. The installation of two flexible, flat-sheet membrane units provided an instant capacity increase and a decrease in sludge accumulation, resulting in streamlined plant operations.

  • Ovivo Will Build The Largest Membrane Bioreactor System In North America

    GLV Inc. (Group GLV) via its water treatment business unit Ovivo, announces its participation to upgrade a waste water treatment plant for The City of Canton in Ohio (USA).

  • Ovivo Recognized For Ultrapure, Water Recycling Technologies

    GLV Inc. (GLV Group) is proud to announce that its business sector Ovivo was recently recognized as the only water treatment company to be part of a select group of companies who will collaborate to develop the next generation of wafer fabs: the Facility 450 Consortium (F450C). "It is a demonstration of trust from the semiconductor industry, and especially, a recognition of Ovivo’s technological skills in the ultra-pure and water recycling technologies, "said Richard Verreault, President and Chief Executive Officer of GLV Inc.

  • Three Major Contracts Valued At Close To 85 Million Dollars For GLV Group

    GLV Group (GLV Inc.) announced recently that Ovivo, its operating sector involved in water treatment, signed three major contracts for a total value close to 85 million dollars (CAN).

  • Solving Scarcity With MBR, Water Reuse

    The Red Hawk Casino is located in Shingle Springs Rancheria, approximately 40 miles east of Sacramento, CA. This location has a limited supply of potable water.

  • One System, Many Solutions: Upgrading With MBR

    Following a pre‐selection (and pre‐purchase) process, an Ovivo MBR System was selected to upgrade/expand an old SBR‐based treatment system. The existing plant remained in service throughout construction that lasted roughly 22 months.

  • Is Zero-Energy Wastewater Treatment On The Horizon?
    Is Zero-Energy Wastewater Treatment On The Horizon?

    Jim Porteous, VP and general manager of the North American municipal market for Ovivo, sits down with Water Online Radio to discuss the “dream” of net-zero energy, which Ovivo is working to make a reality for municipalities.

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Creating Value in Water

through innovation, creativity and expertise

Following the merger of Eimco Water Technologies, Enviroquip and Christ Water Technology, September 2010 saw the emergence of a new global force in the water sector, dedicated to bringing the latest thinking, proven technologies and the most advanced application knowledge to the municipal and industrial clean water, process water and wastewater markets around the globe.

Ovivo brings together more than 200 years of collected experience, process expertise and proven technologies; but that doesn’t mean that we’re complacent. Over past centuries of growth, development and refinement we have been guided by the principle of delivering value to our clients. Our equipment and technologies already have a reputation for long-term durability and reliability, offering decades of use and leading to lasting relationships with key customers. Now we want to make the value we offer to our clients central to our operation, making water a business critical issue.

Whether your business is providing clean drinking water, using industrial processes dependent on water, treating wastewater, producing energy from waste or reusing water; the type, quality and quantity of water that you use and produce is essential to your business.

At Ovivo, we continually seek new ways to ensure extremely high levels of plant performance. We also work to develop and supply economic, efficient and environmentally friendly wastewater treatment technologies. Having considered the best technical solutions available, we can take full responsibility for supply, or provide equipment and solutions for the individual elements of wastewater treatment.

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