OI Analytical designs and manufactures instrumentation for chemical analysis. Data from our analytical instruments serve as the basis for informed decisions affecting human health and safety, environmental protection, industrial operations, and product quality.

The company was first organized in 1963 and entered the analytical instrument business in 1969. On October 31, 2011 OI Analytical became a Xylem brand and operates as a part of the Xylem Analytics business unit. OI Analytical is located in College Station, Texas. A second facility producing GC-based air monitoring systems and mass spectrometry instruments is based in Birmingham, Alabama. OI Analytical is an ISO-9001 certified organization that operates under a Quality Management System (QMS) to continuously improve the quality of our products, services, and business practices.

The principal markets and industries served by OI Analytical include environmental testing, drinking and wastewater treatment, chemicals and petrochemicals, food and beverage, pharmaceuticals, biofuels research, and chemical weapons demilitarization.

Our products include: laboratory and on-line total organic carbon (TOC) analyzers, gas chromatography (GC) systems and components including purge-and-trap sample concentrators and selective GC detectors, automated chemistry analyzers for analysis of nutrient pollutants, cyanide analyzers, and continuous air monitoring systems for chemical warfare agents.


OI Analytical

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