Progressive Utility Metering begins with ARB® Utility Management Systems™

Maximize efficiencies. Enhance revenue. Improve customer service. Conserve precious natural resources. You can do it all with ARB® Utility Management Systems™ from Neptune. Since 1892, Neptune has provided utility metering systems that save time, money, and labor. Every day, thousands of utilities across North America experience the benefits of the intelligent water meters, radio frequency (RF) communications, and advanced water metering software Neptune provides. With options for mobile AMR, mobile with fixed reads AMR, R900® fixed network AMI, and R450™ fixed network AMI, each individual utility has the meter reading tools to meet its unique needs today – and far into the future.

About Neptune

Each utility has its own unique needs, based on size, geography, infrastructure, and other factors. Neptune makes it a point to understand your specific needs so that we can offer a solution that suits you the best.

Once we understand the challenges that you're facing, our people are trained to help you determine the best meter reading systems and tools that can be used to meet those needs, maximizing accuracy and efficiency while reducing costs and labor. And while providing for your present needs, Neptune helps utilities to always keep an eye towards the future, not just with advanced technology, but also with systems that allow you to adapt to changing requirements. We call this “system integrity”.

At Neptune, we have a rich history of innovation in meter reading systems on which we continue to build with products such as the integrated encoder/meter interface unit, the E-Coder®)R900i™ and the R900® Gateway data collector, which allows utilities to move from mobile all the way to fixed network AMI. The R450 System provides true two-way communication and advanced data capability. From its industry-first lead free bronze meters to its 8-digit, high resolution E-Coder® intelligent encoder register to time-synchronized, system-wide midnight reads, Neptune focuses on delivering the value-added benefits that make the difference for our customers. While we're proud of our people and our 120-year history, we're equally proud of our customers and the results we've been able to achieve together. It's why we strive to be your most valued partner.

N_SIGHT™ Software Suite

System health. Customer service. Revenue enhancement. These days, utilities must go far beyond basic meter reading to achieve the smart functionality they require. N_SIGHT™ IQ™ provides cloud-based intelligent data management and reporting, long-term data retention, web-presentment for utilities and their customers, and an optional portal that allows a utility customer to monitor and manage his or her own usage. N_SIGHT™ R450™ host software’s web-based thin-client application provides time-synchronized meter readings and grouping technology that help calculate Non-Revenue Water and support water conservation efforts. N_SIGHT™ R900® host software’s light footprint application provides support for walk-by, mobile, mobile with some fixed reads, and fixed network reading, while offering powerful consumption data analysis through intuitive graphical interfaces.

R450™ Fixed Network AMI

Neptune's R450™ System yields a host of valuable information from a true two-way fixed network solution. From system-wide, time-synchronized meter readings from each meter to District Metered Area (DMA) analysis down to the neighborhood level to priority alarm configurations to notify select personnel of critical leak, tamper, and reverse flow conditions in near real-time, advanced metering infrastructure (AMI) data from Neptune assist in calculating Non-Revenue Water, assist with water restrictions and other conservation measures, and significantly enhance customer service.

R900® Fixed Network AMI;

Neptune's R900® System offers utilities the ability to build onto existing mobile infrastructure to achieve fixed network functionality – providing accurate daily reads, daily flags for leak, tamper, and reverse flow detection, consumption data to assist conservation programs, and final daily reads that eliminate truck rolls for off-cycle meter reading.

Mobile with some Fixed Reads AMR

Suppose you want to supplement the Neptune mobile RF technology you already have with easy-to-implement fixed network data collectors. Adding fixed network functionality to mobile meter reading can allow you to (1) read spread-out, rural segments as well as concentrated urban areas, or (2) add simple daily or monthly consumption profiles without requiring large-scale technology changeouts that you can't justify. A combination of Neptune R900® mobile technology and R900® Gateway data collectors leverages existing infrastructure.

Mobile AMR

Neptune’s R900 technology provides utilities with a mobile system that brings the benefits of automatic meter reading (AMR), allowing you to read much more in much less time, with 100% accuracy, and with success rates above 99%. With Neptune's mobile AMR, you'll have leak, tamper, and reverse flow detection. Improved reader safety. Monthly billing. Mobile automatic meter reading makes it all possible from the comfort of your utility truck.

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