R900® System   R450™ System   N_SIGHT™ Software Suite

R900® System

Mix and match AMR (walk-by or drive-by) with AMI technologies within the R900® System without the need to replace, reprogram, or upgrade your endpoints. Build onto your existing investments at your own pace..


R450 System

Neptune's R450™ System uses the latest high-power, two-way communications of licensed radio frequency technology and cost-efficient fixed network infrastructure to end truck rolls for meter readings while bringing actionable information straight to you..


N_SIGHT™ Software Suite

The N_SIGHT™ software suite works together to address your meter reading, data storage, and analytics needs — N_SIGHT™ host for mobile AMR; N_SIGHT™ PLUS host for fixed network AMI; and N_SIGHT™ IQ, a meter data warehouse, consumer portal, and analytics application.

With an installed base of more than 25 million water meters and a loyal base of over 2,500 utilities, Neptune continues to build on innovation and customer service — all in the effort to be our customers' most valued partner.

At Neptune, we listen to the voice of the customer — your voice — to meet your utility's challenges to help manage your data, protect your assets, and optimize your utility operations. Our people have answers — including products and leveraging technologies for systems that will stand the test of time.

By integrating research and development, engineering, design, factory operations, processes, and testing in one place right here in America, we can take control, so that you can take control — with systems that help improve operational efficiencies while saving time, labor, and money.

E-Coder® And R900® RF Help Data Go Deeper In Ventura County

The majority of the water in the city of Simi Valley, California, is provided by Ventura County Waterworks District 8, serving approximately 26,000 metered connections — 22,000 of which are now read by Neptune’s R900® System.


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