Mainsail Global’s teams of experts devise chemically-correct diffusers optimized for superior aeration and durability. We’ve built solutions for industries ranging from dairy to petro-chemical wastewater, so no matter your industry, you can avoid regulatory issues, boost your environmental image, and cut energy costs by up to 40%—all while improving your facility for good.

  • Rubber Diffuser For The Chemicals In Your Wastewater Video
    Rubber Diffuser For The Chemicals In Your Wastewater Video

    Forget the old municipal approach to wastewater management. Our scientists and engineers create a customized solution that helps you cut costs, boost your environmental image, avoid regulatory issues and turn a headache into a competitive advantage. By renewing your water, we transform your business!


Field-Test Program

Field-Test Program

Consider us your expert lab partners. We work with you and your unique application to optimize rubber compounds. The result: a customized, chemically-correct solution.

Explorer Series Disc Diffusers

Explorer Series Disc Diffusers

Our fine-pore, flexible diffusers can reduce facility energy costs by up to 40%. No matter your industry, your custom, chemically-correct solution is built to last and save you money.

MicroShield Technology

MicroShield Technology

Our diffusers can last upwards of 10 years. It isn’t science fiction. It’s simply science, multiplied by our MicroShield Technology to protect against degradation.


Founded in 2011 as a division of Hiawatha Rubber, Mainsail Global is an innovation and technology company dedicated to customized, durable and energy-efficient wastewater treatment solutions for any industry. As chemists, engineers, construction professionals and technology experts, we work directly with facilities to develop solutions that help them avoid regulatory issues, boost environmental image, and cut energy costs by up to 40%. Our uniquely collaborative Field Test Program allows us to analyze waste streams and develop fine-pore, flexible diffusers that are chemically correct to withstand even challenging dairy and petro chemical environments. We believe that any partnership is a fresh opportunity to think critically and stay at the forefront of innovation in the wastewater treatment industry. Through collaborative efforts in water analytics, testing, manufacturing and new product development, we transform our clients' businesses to offer them a competitive advantage.


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  • Creating Optimal Energy and Cost-Efficient Membrane Diffusers
    Creating Optimal Energy and Cost-Efficient Membrane Diffusers

    Collaboration is the warm-blooded heart of our cold, calculating approach to science. Our teams of technology specialists work to establish customized, lasting solutions in wastewater treatment for each client—and every industry. As our current innovation initiatives in dairy, petrol and waste water systems have shown, there is no diffuser membrane market too unique for our state-of-the-art polymer materials. Mainsail’s technology groups make sure of it. Our integrated approach to customized solutions allows us to offer a complete package of solutions to any challenge.

  • Tips On Designing The Proper Aeration Diffuser Membrane
    Tips On Designing The Proper Aeration Diffuser Membrane

    We approach challenges holistically to create cutting-edge, customized solutions. A crucial first step in this process is real world field testing. Why? Because distinct rubber compounds react differently in distinct waste streams. Given the unique chemical makeup of any waste stream, we can optimize rubber compounds, and by testing it in your unique application, we can design the proper aeration diffuser membrane materials needed for optimal performance and energy efficiency.