The Aclara® brand represents the industry’s leading Intelligent Infrastructure™ technologies for providing device networking, data-value management, and customer communications to water, gas, and electric utilities globally. Over 500 utilities in nine countries rely on proven Aclara solutions to connect with their customers.

A choice for both large and small utilities, Aclara integrates the strengths of the industry’s most proven technologies – the Aclara STAR Network system, Aclara TWACS technology, and Aclara Software® solutions to meet the needs of our utility clients.

The Aclara STAR Network AMI system is the leading fixed-network solution for water utilities, with over two million end points operating throughout North America. Proven Aclara AMI solutions automatically collect meter readings and provide the information you need to perform leak detection, conserve resources, reduce theft, and improve customer service and billing. No other system employs the range of communications options used by the Aclara STAR Network system – cellular, radio signals, land lines, fiber optics, Ethernet, and Wi-Fi. The Aclara STAR Network system delivers innovative and expandable designs, long-lasting equipment with 20-year batteries, and the ability to handle one-way and two-way communications.

The suite of Aclara solutions will help you enhance your communications, increase customer satisfaction, and create a unique vision for your utility. Our newest innovation, the Aclara Smart Communications Network expands the utility’s network and enhances the capabilities for communication and control.

Look to Aclara for the tools, the innovation, and the knowledge to make the most of your utility system, maximize your resources, and realize the power of data and a true communication network.

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