Brochure | May 13, 2014

VTScada 11 Testimonials

Source: Trihedral Engineering Limited

We strive to surprise all of our customers with the high-level of commitment and enthusiasm we bring to meeting their needs and solving their problems. Feedback from our international network of users has helped to keep us on the leading edge of value-added features. We take every customer concern seriously and strive to bring timely solutions to problems as they arise. Consequently, our customers keep returning to us for upgrades, enhancements, and consulting services as their facilities grow and their needs evolve. Don’t just take our word for it.

Lee Kibler, Riviera Utilities, AL - “Many thanks to you and your team. It is very rare to have a relationship with the level of support and professionalism that Trihedral provides. We look forward to continuing our fervent support of your SCADA software.”

Jay Nicholson - Joint Municipal Water and Sewer Commission, Lexington, SC - "What has impressed me most about Trihedral and VTScada is not simply the incredible design of the software and smooth transition from our previous HMI package, or even its low cost compared to other products, but the accessibility of staff and their pride in their product. Yesterday, in less than ten minutes I had a response from Doug who was home sick, and five minutes later a response from Pat. Service has become a lost principle in today’s economy. It’s not lost at Trihedral. Like our integrator, it feels more like Trihedral is part of our SCADA department rather than a vendor. You guys are good. Really good."

Ron Huber - District Manager - Fountain Hills Sanitary District, AZ - “One of the things I hear a lot from operators is that when they have a problem, they always receive help very quickly and their problems are solved in a short period of time.”

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