VTScada Internet Client (VIC) with Mobile Internet Client (MIC)

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Thin-client Access for PCs and Laptops

The VTScada Internet Client™ allows you to monitor and control your process from anywhere, anytime. Combined with industry-standard Internet security and automatic server failover, the VIC is as reliable as a full-installation VTScada client. The VIC does not require third-party server products such as Apache® or Microsoft IIS®. Displays appear exactly as they do on standard thick-client workstations without further configuration. The VIC license now includes the VTScada Mobile Internet Client™.

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VIC connectivity is made up of two parts:

  1. The VTScada Internet Server is a true Internet server that does not require third-party products such as Apache™ or Microsoft IIS™.
  2. The VTScada Internet Client is a thin client that remotely displays pages exactly as they appear on standard thick client workstations. No additional display configuration is required.

Two ways to open an Internet client

  1. Type the server's URL into Internet Explorer* or click on the link in an email (remote use.)
  2. Open a small program added to the client computer’s desk top (internal use.)
  3. Log into the application using your application-level security account.

Advanced redundancy and performance

  1. Set Internet clients to automatically failover from the primary to a backup server.
  2. Server failover does not affect active client sessions.
  3. Configure any number of redundant backup servers.
  4. Enhance performance by automatically distributing client connections across multiple servers.

VTScada Mobile Internet Client (MIC)

Remote Access for Smartphones and Tablets

The MIC provides the simplest access to your process from HTML5 compliant devices such as Android®, iPhone®, and iPad®. This tactile interface to your application allows you to securely view and acknowledge alarms, check equipment status, plot trends, and even issue control commands with just a tap or pinch.  Integrated VTScada Slippy Maps means that you can now navigate your sites with a swipe and a pinch. Tap site pins to see process and alarm data.

Licensing & Integration

  1. The VIC and MIC are integrated components that require a VTScada software license and can be unlocked with a serial number.
  2. Configuration takes only seconds.
  3. One VTScada Internet Client is included with the purchase of this license.
  4. Additional concurrent client licenses can be purchased as needed. Bundles are available.
  5. VICs and MICs are sold under the same product license. At any given moment, a single license can provide access to one VIC user OR four MIC users (not both). Be sure to have enough licenses to ensure that MIC users do not bump active VIC users.
  6. The MIC replaces the VTScada WAP Browser.

Client Monitoring Tools

The VTScada Internet Client Monitor tool allows you to monitor active Internet clients and Mobile clients. It permits logging of Client activity, messaging to one (or all) users and forcible disconnection of clients for maintenance and security reasons.


VIC and VIC access can be granted to individual security accounts. Access can be granted or revoked at runtime. Deployed security changes are system-wide and effective immediately.

The VIC and MIC support industry-standard Internet security including firewalls, SSL (Secure Socket Layer), and VPN connections. VTScada uses military-grade encryption to protect security information exchanged between clients and servers.

* Requires Microsoft Internet Explorer® version 7 higher. The Active X® plug-ins only work in the 32-bit (default) version of Internet Explorer 9.

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