Brochure | May 13, 2014

VTScada 11 HMI / SCADA Software New Features

Source: Trihedral Engineering Limited

New In Version 11

Be productive in an hour
The enhanced installation wizard gets you up and running quickly by introducing important features and guiding you through the process of installing core components, creating an application, and adding graphics.

VTScada puts the ‘IDEA’ in ‘IDE’
The completely rebuilt VTScada Idea Studio™ puts the tools you need right where you would expect to find them. Easily select, align and space any combination of elements. Draw or edit striking 3D pipes with just a few clicks.

Draw with data
Over 200 new graphic ‘widgets’ make it a snap to represent your system values as photo-real meters, switches, buttons, and animations. Choose from even more pre-built high-impact display pages in seconds.

Draw first; add tags later, or vice versa
Develop applications the way you want. If you prefer to lay out your page graphics first, you can. If you would rather start by creating your tags, you can do that too.

More images and symbols
The expanded built-in graphics library makes it easier than ever to search, sort, or import the image you need. New style tags and background tiles help to give your applications a consistent and professional look and feel.

Roll out applications with a click
Rolling out new or updated applications has never been easier. Simply double-click a VTScada ChangeSet file to start VTScada and import the entire application.

Get the most from your tag count
VTScada is licensed by the number of tags used. In version 11, only I/O tags are included in this tag count. Now, include an unlimited number of menu items, fonts, alarms and any other configuration tag type.

New onboard help and troubleshooting
The completely redesigned help system makes it even easier to create your work of art. In addition to being optimized for quick searching, this user’s guide walks you step-by-step through common tasks with helpful troubleshooting advice.

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