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Standard VTScada Component - No other software does more to protect your historical data and put it to work across your organization.

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No other software does more to protect your historical data and put it to work across your organization.

For 27 years, we have built historical data management into the heart of our VTScada software.

Easy - The historian is pre-configured in every application. Once created, I/O tags begin logging automatically.
Efficient - The native database format efficiently manages vast amounts of process data without expensive server-level computers.
Safe - Protect priceless data by configuring multiple synchronized historians that sync across a WAN at up to 160,000 values a second.
Open - VTScada supports synced concurrently running Oracle®, SQL Server®, MySQL®, and SQLite® databases (sold separately).

Protecting Your Historical Data

The Native VTScada Historian - At no extra cost, this unique built-in historical database format ensures airtight compatibility over the life of your VTScada system no matter how often you upgrade to the next version.

Redundant Historians - Only VTScada supports any number of synchronized historians running concurrently at multiple locations using different databases formats (requires additional VTScada licenses).

Automatic Failover - Should the primary database server fail, associated workstations and Internet clients switch to the next designated database. When it is restored, historical data automatically synchronizes across a wide area network at up to 160,000 values a second.

Bi-directional Synchronization - Synchronization is not just between the primary and backup. Any data on any historian that is missing on another will be propagated automatically regardless of how long it has been since the databases have communicated.

The Best of Both Worlds - Distributed historians can provide superior performance for local users and prevent data loss during network interruptions while also providing a centralized data backup for all sites.

Log Only Quality Data - Log on time of day or changes in value. Use deadbands and delays to help avoid recording irrelevant changes.

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