VTScada Application Version Control

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VTS Application Version Control

This optional component requires a VTScada software license.

VTScada Application Version Control provides change traceability, enhances application management in networked environments, and greatly improves recovery from unexpected effects of configuration. Unique to VTScada, this feature allows you to see a full history of configuration changes by all users on all application servers since installation.

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Since version 10, all VTScada applications include a traceable audit log of time stamped versions that include configuration changes made by all developers on every workstation in the system since installation. VTScada Application Version Control provides you with access to this history.

Easy-to-use features allow you to:

  • Manage application changes in a multi-developer environment.
  • See a full change history of the application.
  • Quickly trace problems back to their source.
  • Review changes before deployment of local changes to all servers.
  • Burrow into each version to see a side-by-side view of changes.
  • Instantly switch to any previous known good version.
  • Merge changes in a multi-developer environment.
  • Cherry-pick specific changes when merging versions.
  • View the current version running on each computers.

Requires a VTScada Software License
This is an optional feature that can be added to any VTScada Full Development license and is a standard part of VTScada System Integrator licenses. Since it is integrated with the VTScada development environment, adding version control requires only a new serial number. No other configuration is required. Note that VTScada Version Control is used to maintain versions of specific applications rather than VTScada core product releases.

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