VTScada Alarm Notification System

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Optional VTScada Component - Ensures that your mission-critical alarm and process information can find you anywhere.

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This optional component requires a VTScada software license.

The VTScada Alarm Notification System™ ensures that your mission-critical alarm and process information is always as close as your cell phone, landline, or email account.

Built-in is Better

Since it is a fully integrated component of VTScada, you can trust that it will remain tightly compatible as your monitoring and control system ages, unlike third-party ‘bolt-on’ dialer products.


To obtain status and alarm information for your telemetric devices over the phone, dial into your VTScada application and enter the same username and password you use at a standard VTScada workstation.

Outgoing Alarms

Configure your system to automatically send you alarm notifications via text-to-voice phone calls, emails, pagers, and SMS text messages. As of version 10.1, authorized users can remotely acknowledge alarms via email and SMS text message.

Control Your System by Phone

Whether they dial in or receive an automated call, authorized users can use their phones to acknowledge alarms once VTScada has described them. Additionally, they can change system set points, start or stop pumps, or send digital commands to equipment.

Rosters Ensure Every Alarm is Acknowledged

Create rosters of up to 30 authorized personnel. In the event of an alarm, VTScada will call, text, or email each person in sequence until an alarm is acknowledged or it is passed to another roster. You can configure rosters for entire applications or specific functional areas. There is no limit to number of rosters you can create.


All changes made to security privileges in VTScada are immediately applied to the VTScada Alarm Notification System.

Advanced text-to-Speech Technology

VTScada takes advantage of the latest developments in text-to-speech technology by supporting the ‘Salli’ speech engine from IVONA™. (Version 10.1)

Additional Information

  • Acknowledge alarms via email and SMS text msg
  • Alarm messages can adjust for recipient's time zone
  • Supports GZIP Encoding

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