TLT- Tank Mounted Screen

Source: JWC Environmental | IPEC


TLT Series of Screens, from IPEC Consultants, are a stand alone primary screening unit. Similar in operation to the CLT series of in-channel spiral screens. The TLT is typically installed above ground, for the screening of pumped wastewater streams. The effluent is completely enclosed in a stainless steel tank that is supplied with access covers.

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The influent enters the upstream end of the tank where coarse solids are retained on the surface of the cylindrically shaped screening element. The shaftless screw, operating at pre-set water levels, brushes the captured solids from the screen surface and moves them up the transport section, to a zone where a plug is formed. Solids are dewatered by compaction against the plug. Liquid is discharged through a short slotted screen section. A cyclical shower of fresh water at the compaction point washes fine, loose solids back down the into the channel. Compacted solids with a dryness of 40% or more are scraped from the plug and are discharged through a vertically aligned spout.

The TLT has two shower arrangements that are setup for automatic operation. One shower has a selection of nozzles at various shapes and capacities to efficiently wash solids in the compaction zone and upper transport areas. The second shower is in the tank area, and washes the interior of the tank, on a once per day cycle.


  • 316 stainless steel construction
  • Wedgewire or perforated plate
  • Openings from 0.020" to 0.750"
  • Control panel with shower control & auto-reverse
  • Heat tracing
  • Solids bagger

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