Datasheet | January 31, 2012

The PEAK-WTS Water Treatment System

Source: Pinnacle Ozone

Pinnacle’s high efficiency Peak Series ozone generators are now available in process specific, skid configurations for water treatment applications. Designed for smaller commercial, industrial, municipal water, and process water applications, the compactly designed PEAK-WTS systems are skid mounted for easy placement and operation within your facility. The systems feature standard water, power and TCP/IP facility connections.

The systems are configurable for ozone outputs up to 120 lbs. per day (in 20 ppd QuadBlock® increments) and are matched to your process specification requirements. Operation and control of the system is accomplished through an easy to navigate, 12" touchscreen located on the front of the system. The touchscreen controls the complete setup of the system and monitors all system parameters (including max/min set points) for operation, system protection (i.e. temperature, O2 concentration, low/high system pressure, customizable set points) and alarming to notify personnel in case of a malfunction or out of specification set point/reading.

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