The Enviroquip® MBR System

Source: Ovivo

The Enviroquip® MBR System

Submerged Membrane Bioreactor (MBR) technology for wastewater treatment and reuse to meet the most stringent nutrient limits. 

MBR technology has been successfully used for the treatment of municipal, commercial and industrial wastewaters for discharge and reuse since the 1980s. With thousands of installations operating worldwide, MBR technology has reshaped the way we view wastewater treatment and water conservation across the globe. Since our first US installation in Bandon Dunes, Oregon more than 10 years ago, Ovivo USA, LLC has become the industry leader for complete MBR systems.

An ISO 9001 certified company, our diverse, experienced technical team can design and supply a range of offerings from simple membrane equipment packages to complete, ready-to-operate, systems. Starting with headworks designed specifically for MBR applications and ending with proven membrane-basedsolids management, each Ovivo plant is a unique, tailored solution.

In addition to single-source responsibility (SSR), Ovivo offers our clients the following:

  • Better Project Delivery
  • More Experience
  • KUBOTA® Membrane Technology
  • The Best Technical Support
  • Proven Cost-Control Strategies
  • Industry Leading Innovation