SUMMIT 10X Ozone Generator

Source: Pinnacle Ozone

Pinnacle Summit Series

The Summit Series Packaged ozone systems have been designed for municipal and commercial users requiring the ozone be delivered in a specific manner with no deviation or shut down.

This system is designed to provide redundancy without the requirement of a spare ozone generation system. The systems are available in the following outputs:

  • Summit-160 (160 lbs/day)
  • Summit 180 (180 lbs/day)
  • Summit-200 (200 lbs/day)


Silent - operating the corona discharge above 20,000 hertz provides a system so quiet only fan noise can be heard. Since all of the high voltage is produced onboard the QuadBlock, there is not even the hum of a large power transformer.

Rugged - This system is all solid state and digital control. There are no glass tubes or fragile components and the custom control boards are supplied coated with military grade coatings.

Reliable - The system has built in diagnostics and continually trouble shoots itself. When a voltage spike or high pressure come along, the system self corrects and adjusts to operate at optimum efficiency.

Cost Effective - This system requires only a small foot print and minimal installation to make connections. The power usage is the lowest in the industry and by containing all of the high voltage on the QuadBlock the losses are minimized and there is no danger of exposure to high voltages.