STAR ONE™ S&L Non-Clog Pump

Source: Smith & Loveless, Inc.

STAR ONE; S&L Non-Clog Pump

Tens of thousands of proven Smith & Loveless Non-Clog Pumps convey wastewater around the world, providing reliable service day-in and day-out.

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Smith & Loveless Non-Clog Pumps have always lent themselves to energy efficiency, but the latest S&L engineering innovation takes things even further. The new STAR ONE™ S&L Non-Clog Pump raises the bar on pump efficiency —anywhere from 3-5% higher than previous S&L pumps — paving the way for significant energy cost savings.

The pump was designed and constructed with efficiency in mind at every step. The pump features an oversized, stainless steel shaft that minimizes overhang, reducing shaft deflection and improving pump efficiencies. This is achieved through minimal pump heights and rigid construction. Shaft endplay is limited to bearing shake. Shaft runout is limited to 0.003” (8mm).  Close tolerances are tighter than even NEMA specifications. The impeller is also designed for maximum efficiency. By trimming the impellers inside the shrouds, the S&L pump leaves the back shroud full diameter to prevent stringy material from winding around the shaft and reducing efficiencies.

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