News | December 11, 2013

Singer Valve Inc. Receives NSF 372 Certification For Low Lead Content Of Valves

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Singer Valve, a leading manufacturer of control valves now has NSF 372 certified valves ensuring low lead content. “We want to ensure our customers can be confident they are getting a product that does not contain materials that are considered to be potentially harmful,” said Mark Gimson, Business Development and Marketing Manager.  Singer Valve has always used high quality stainless steel for wetted areas of valves.

The Safe Drinking Water Act that comes into affect January 4, 2014 is intended to improve water quality and reduce health risk associated with lead.  At this point all drinking water organizations will need to have the assurance that any new product within their system meets these safety standards.   With the internationally recognized NSF approval, Singer Valve customers can feel confident that this requirement has been met.

About Singer Valve
Since 1957 Singer Valve has been designing, manufacturing and distributing pilot operated diaphragm control valves.  With innovative technologies, the company provides solutions for water loss management, water conservation and urban water and wastewater distribution throughout the world.  By using quality materials and testing every valve and pilot before it is shipped, Singer Valve has an unprecedented track record for long lasting, easy to maintain solutions that work upon installation.  Singer Valve’s electronic division provides instrumentation and control solutions to manage unique applications. For more information, visit

SOURCE: Singer Valve Inc