Sewper Rx Sludge Reduction System

Source: RELIANT Water Technologies


Sewper Rx is a patented polymicrobial blend of facultative bacteria specifically selected for their ability to degrade organic waste and eliminate noxious odor. When it is added to a waste stream, it releases very high numbers of motile bacterial cells that immediately begin degrading or breaking down protein, carbohydrates, fats, oils, grease and cellulose. These bacteria reproduce very rapidly, doubling in number every 24 minutes. Sewper Rx is capable of de-nitrification and phosphorus removal without the need for separate processes and typically eliminates noxious odor within days of application. The by-products of this bioaugmentation treatment are water, CO2 (which gases off) and some remaining inorganic solids (ash).

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Sewper Rx Packaging Actual Plant Effluent Change in Less Than 2 Months


Advantages that can be expected with Sewper Rx are a reduction (possible elimination) of odors, improved lift station and sewer flow due to a breakdown of FOG, better control of MLSS, increased capacity in clarifiers, thickeners and digesters, reduced sludge hauling costs and tipping fees. If sludge hauling reduction is the focus, up to a 300% Return on Investment can be expected. Most Sewper Rx users experience a minimum of a 20% reduction in bioreactor aeration costs as well.




Complete Reduction of Pure Oil In Less than 4 Days


Sewper Rx is produced in granular form, is easy to apply, requires no special equipment and has a guaranteed shelf life of one year. It is non-toxic, pathogen-free and friendly to the environment. It enables wastewater treatment plants to operate more efficiently and at lower cost by reducing sludge-handling expense, lowering electricity consumption and creating additional plant capacity.

The regular use of Sewper Rx has been shown to:

  • Reduce the amount of sludge and biosolids in wastewater treatment plant by 80% or more.
  • Reduce or eliminate odors.
  • Improve settling while reducing or eliminating the need for polymers and chemicals used in the sludge thickening process.
  • Reduce electricity consumption.
  • Improve effluent quality.
  • Increase plant capacity by as much as 50% or more than design specifications.
  • Reduce the volume of sludge requiring post treatment handling or disposal by 80% to 90%.


Sewper Rx is producing impressive results in hundreds of waste treatment applications:

  • Package plants
  • Municipal facilities
  • Oxidation lagoons
  • Agricultural waste remediation projects

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