Screening Technology For Water Intakes

Source: Bilfinger Water Technologies


Bilfinger Water Technologies provide our customers with best practice solutions to enhance their water intake systems. Our custom-designed equipment will optimise your plants’ lifecycle costs and minimise the effects on aquatic life.

In most cases, process or cooling water must be cleaned before use. Cleaning systems have to fulfill specific requirements, depending on their source (i.e. rivers, lakes or the sea) and the type of industrial plant in which they will be used. Furthermore, each plant’s facilities vary in their requirements. Bilfinger Water Technologies meet these challenges thanks to a variety of flexible solutions and the implementation of the latest manufacturing technology.

Our environmentally-friendly solutions are used in both open surface water and submerged passive water intakes to deliver debris-free water; for example, cooling water at power plants, process water at industrial sites, raw water at potable water plants, desalination plants and irrigation plants.

The combined experience of GEIGER®, Johnson Screens® and Passavant® is unsurpassed, with each brand existing for more than 100 years. Together we have supplied more than 15,000 intake screens worldwide. From small municipal drinking water plants to next generation nuclear plants, we support our customers in all project phases including conceptual design, assistance with regulatory requirements, computational modelling (if required), equipment supply, commissioning and follow-up service.

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