Scienco® SciBRINE® Brinemaking System & Kit

Source: Bio-Microbics, Inc.


Complete, bulk salt storage for food processing, textile dye-setting and chemical industries. Brinemakers are also ideal for municipalities with large water softening systems. With multiple model sizes designed to meet both large and small-volume salt users, Scienco® Brinemakers have been the hallmark of the industry since the 1960s.

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About Brinemakers

Brinemakers are used to produce and store a liquid brine solution that can be used as a food additive, a chemical feed for various chemical processes or an ion exchange/water softening process.

Clear, consistent, continually-produced saturated brine from a Scienco® SciBRINE™ Brinemaker is ideal for ion exchange, food-processing, textile dye-setting, chemical industries, or for applications with large water softening systems, the SCIENCO® systems are built to meet the standards of the the US Department of Agriculture (USDA) and Federal Safety and Inspection Service (FSIS) food processing requirements.

Why use a brinemaker system for your application?

  • Eliminates Bag Disposal
  • Reduces Labor Costs
  • Reduces Warehouse Space
  • Economical SolutionSCIENCO® SciBRINE™ Brinemakers produces a clear, saturated brine that uses the advantages of down-flow brinemaking process in an automated system. This ensures a consistent, saturated brine and easy maintenance.The tank is made from filament-wound, reinforced, corrosive-free fiberglass for the greatest combination of strength, durability, and economy. All types of salts can be used: rock, solar, and granulated food grade.


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