Article | March 20, 2012

Revitalizing A Hog Waste Lagoon

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By Jim Dartez, RELIANT Water Technologies

A North Carolina hog grower with a brood barn of 200 full grown sows contacted Reliant Water Technologies to see if we could assist him with one of his waste lagoons. All of his lagoons were identical, measuring only .05 acres in size, and designed to be 8 feet deep. The lagoon that he chose for us to work with was located closest to the barn, and his goal was to use the water on the surface of the lagoon as wash-down water for the barn. Because the sludge was breaking the surface of the lagoon, there was a very unpleasant odor emanating from the lagoon. Due to problems with the plumbing to the other lagoon, all hog waste would be directed to the trial lagoon during the trial period.

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