Case Study | April 15, 2014

The ClearBlu Solution To Brewery BOD

Source: ClearBlu Environmental

Real Ale Brewing Company (RABC) started as a small brewery working out of a commercial retail space. As the brewery outgrew their facility they purchased land on the outskirts of town and built a new brewery. Their production level was still low enough at this point for the city to allow direct access to sewer. As RABC continued to be successful and grow, a mandate from the Texas Commission on Environmental Quality stated that the city must require the brewery to treat their wastewater in order to prevent overwhelming the city’s treatment system. RABC began the process of looking into available options for wastewater treatment. They had been introduced to ClearBlu Environmental at the Craft Brewers Conference in 2011 and after careful research the brewery selected ClearBlu to design and install a complete pretreatment and treatment system.

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