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It's amazing how far you can take an endpoint – while leaving it right where it's always been. The R900® radio frequency meter interface unit (RF MIU) requires no reprogramming. The same high resolution, 8-digit E-Coder® solid state absolute encoder that gives your utility the meter readings and consumption data you count on in mobile-mode, also provides what you need for hybrid AMR and full fixed network AMI. Your utility is unique with unique needs. Where you start – and where you eventually arrive – is up to you.

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Neptune’s R900® meter reading solution allows a utility to migrate from walk-by meter reading to mobile AMR and on to full fixed network AMI. This video reviews the R900®'s features including leak, tamper, and reverse-flow detection capabilities and virtual disconnects, avoiding the need for on-site visits to shut off meters.

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Whatever level of efficiency you choose, Neptune's R900® System will be there to provide greater efficiencies and cost savings. Greatly reduce read-to-billing cycles while improving cash flow. Help ensure reader safety while freeing them for other tasks. Increase revenue through proactive leak detection to limit water loss.

AMI means no more truck rolls. With the addition of R900 Gateway data collectors, it's easy to leave your vehicles in the garage and let the reads come to you, saving tons of fuel emissions to achieve a smaller carbon footprint.

All it takes for a utility using Neptune's R900 RF technology to get daily reads is the deployment of R900® Gateways. Then leverage the reads at your utility office and import to N_SIGHT R900® host software. Daily meter reads mean your utility can:

  • track consumption patterns over time
  • notify customers in hours instead of weeks regarding continuous or intermittent leaks
  • get bills out on time
  • perform virtual disconnects instead of on-site visits to shut off meters
  • free up meter reading personnel to perform other tasks
  • gather most recent reads captured

It's time to take the next step with Neptune. Build on the solid investments you've already made in the field, knowing that the future belongs to you.

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