R450 System Makes Utility Operations Visual

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Based on Esri® GIS mapping that allows you to view critical conditions and infrastructure status throughout your service areas, R450 RF fixed network technology makes it easy to collect and interpret the data you need.

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The E-Coder®)R450i combines the high-power, two-way communication of the R450 MIU with the 8-digit, high-resolution E-Coder® solid state absolute encoder into one, easy-to-install, wireless package. The unit delivers meter usage and 24-hour consumption profile data daily. It can also monitor, identify, and notify utilities of alarm states such as continuous leaks and reverse flows, and can be configured to email priority alarms to key personnel.

Together with N_SIGHT R450 host software and N_SIGHT IQ Intelligent Data and Analytics, the R450 System provides graphical representation of system conditions and customer consumption, while giving consumers the opportunity to see their usage for themselves and take more control.


Ease of Installation – E-Coder, R450 RF MIU, and E-Coder)R450i require no special programming

Reallocate Personnel – Fixed network allows personnel to be reassigned to other higher-priority work

Off-Cycle Reads – Get most recent reads for move-ins/move-outs without truck rolls

Leak, Tamper, and Reverse Flow Detection – the two-way-communication of the E-Coder)R450i endpoint enables configurable priority alarm notification (24-hour continuous leaks or major reverse flow events)

Priority Alarm Notifications – Immediately email or text message personnel of leaks, reverse flows

Reduces Non-Revenue Water – Identify and manage lost water and revenue opportunities system-wide

Esri GIS Mapping – View critical system conditions on maps of all service areas


Time-Synchronized Reads and Tools to Reduce Non-Revenue Water – Analysis of meters for system balance and District Metered Areas to compare production water vs. revenue water down to the neighborhood level

Grouping – Compare consumption among similar accounts and create District Metered Areas

Historical Trend Tracking – Analyze up to ten years of detailed consumption data to better forecast and plan

Customer Presentment

Consumer Alerts – When paired with N_SIGHT IQ, R450 System customers can automatically be notified of continuous leaks, exceeded water budget, or usage during vacation

Consumption Graphs – N_SIGHT IQ + R450 System allows customers to track and monitor their own water usage, encourages water conservation habits

Email Consumption to End User – Proof of water usage assists customer service while helping reduce high water bill complaints

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