White Paper | July 10, 2013

Valve Coating For Salt Water Applications

Source: Henry Pratt Company

Rising energy and manufacturing costs coupled with decreasing budgets for existing and new facilities have intensified the need to find lower-cost solutions for the installation and maintenance of valves that can withstand the corrosive effects of seawater or brackish water.

The purpose of this investigative project is to evaluate the performance of an existing and tested industrial coating when applied to valve components that are exposed to salt water. Finding a more cost-effective and efficient alternative is the ultimate goal of this test.

Currently there are two methods for dealing with corrosive effects of seawater. One of the most effective, but also the most costly, is to fabricate a valve entirely of Monel, a specific alloy with high nickel content, or other specialty stainless steel alloys in the manufacture of at risk valves. The second method of protection is to construct the valves utilizing carbon steel or iron materials, and apply rubber linings to the interior wetted parts.

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