Datasheet | September 18, 2013

P/R60C-5 pH/ORP Probe Datasheet

Source: Aquametrix

The P60C-5 pH and the R60C-5 ORP probes are the latest additions to the legendary Aquametrix differential probe family. It fills the gap for a 1” fixed insertion, MNPT probe and uses the same electrodes and salt bridge as the 1” variable insertion P60C-6 probe.

All of the P60 and P65 probes are dependable industrial grade sensors designed to provide accurate measurement and longer service life under the most demanding conditions. Some features of these probes include: differential measurement technology, replaceable salt bridge and encapsulated preamp.

The P/R60C-5 incorporates all the benefits of differential measurement found in other models of the 60 series, field proven in thousands of installations. This technique uses two glass electrodes to make the measurement differentially with respect to a third metal electrode. The domed glass process electrode is specially designed for tough applications. The second electrode is immersed in a pH 7 buffer encapsulated in the probe.

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