ORION® AMR/AMI Hardware Solutions

Source: Badger Meter


Built on a century of water metering experience, the ORION® product family has provided utilities comprehensive Advanced Metering Analytics (AMA) for interval meter reading and data capture using both one-way and two-way communications.

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Badger Meter offers four Advanced Metering Infrastructure (AMI)/Automated Meter Reading (AMR) endpoint hardware solutions as part of the ORION® product family. Select the solution that is right for your utility.

Fixed Network (AMI) Solutions

  • ORION Cellular – Designed for maximum flexibility and rapid deployment, our two-way water endpoint reduces utility-owned infrastructure by utilizing existing cellular infrastructure available with our BEACON Advanced Metering Analytics (AMA) solution.
  • ORION Fixed Network (SE) – This system collects meter readings and enhances operations via a two-way fixed network (AMI) system of gateways and endpoints.

Mobile Read Data Collection (AMR) Solutions

  • ORION Migratable (ME) – This migratable two-way mobile (AMR) system can be easily upgraded to a two-way fixed network (AMI) system to grow with your needs.
  • ORION Classic (CE) – Our industry-leading, one-way mobile (AMR) system utilizes bubble-up (broadcast) technology and is built for reliability and flexibility

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