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Source: Neptune Technology Group Inc.

Interoperability. Water utilities are discovering the operational efficiencies it provides – with personnel, departments, and systems sharing data across the utility to identify and solve problems faster throughout the water distribution network. In this edition of NeptuneNOW, we’ll see how the water industry is evolving to better leverage technologies and functions that used to be separate – including AMR/AMI, SCADA, asset management, and more.

At the forefront of this movement is Neptune, with initiatives such as our new Connected Utility Partnership Program. One of our premier partners, IDModeling, worked with Neptune utility customer Indio Water Authority in California to develop a groundbreaking new tool for real-time interoperability called Sedar¯u®, which we’ll learn more about in these pages.

Neptune is also collaborating with Technolog to improve pressure management through the Regulo electronic pressure controller, which incorporates the remote wireless communication capability of the Cello cellular data logger. Neptune’s R900® RF technology has undergone its own enhancements, including the capability of all R900 RF MIUs to log 96 days of hourly and daily data logging information, and the E-Coder®)R900i now featuring an internal antenna for even easier installations. On the R450 RF side, our N_SIGHT R450 reporting module enables utilities to build custom reports from scratch as well as access and analyze data without IT involvement.

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