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System health. Customer service. Revenue enhancement. These days, utilities must go far beyond basic meter reading to achieve the intelligent functionality they require. Neptune’s N_SIGHT software suite was designed to help get them there.

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Utilities can now use intelligent data to improve customer service, increase revenue, and expand conservation initiatives. Neptune’s N_SIGHT software suite includes cloud-based intelligent data hosting and analytics management. This video shows how the software can reduce non-revenue water, eliminate major investments in internal IT support, and reduce truck rolls with virtual disconnects.

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Real-Time Genius: N_SIGHTIQIntelligent Data and Analytics

With cloud-based data management and reporting, N_SIGHT IQ intelligent data and analytics communicate critical information in real time. Utilities can leverage their operational intelligence, identifying historic trends to better forecast and plan by analyzing up to ten years of detailed consumption data. Utilities can also allow their end-use customers to better monitor and manage their own water consumption using a web portal. N_SIGHT IQ provides advanced data analysis and reporting, long-term data retention, and web-presentment – all without the need to invest in additional servers or infrastructure.

The Host with the Most Data – N_SIGHTR450Host Software

N_SIGHT R450 host software leverages the advanced data of the R450 System, including hourly reads; immediate priority alarms for continuous leaks, or minor or major reverse flow events; and time-synchronized meter readings across the system; grouping of accounts with similar traits to compare consumption; and district metering to help calculate Non-Revenue Water and support water conservation efforts.

This AMI software is a web-based, thin-client application that’s self-managing, so a utility doesn’t need its own database administrator on-site. Its “dashboard” interface and Key Performance Indicators (KPIs) provide displays, graphs and charts that make crucial data available at a glance, while its new Esri®-based mapping feature offers usability unlike anything else in the industry.

Intelligent Flexibility – N_SIGHTR900® Host Software

From walk-by and mobile AMR to fixed network AMI, Neptune’s N_SIGHT R900 host software provides support for a wide variety of functionalities. The powerful software package works easily with the R900® Gateway fixed network collectors to gather daily meter readings and timelier consumption data all while maintaining seamless integration with mobile or handheld reading processes. It also gives final daily reads from R900 Gateways for move-ins/move-outs that eliminate truck rolls for off-cycle meter readings when a full fixed network is in place.

N_SIGHT R900’s data logging features have been enhanced for easier, more intuitive graphical displays of consumption information as well as major reverse flow events and continuous leaks (when using Neptune’s E-Coder® solid state absolute encoder). Utilities now have a completely flexible solution – a single software package that allows migration. All without replacing software.

N_SIGHT IQ features

  • Store, Analyze, Inform
  • Long-term data retention
  • Advanced data analysis and reporting
  • Grouping to compare consumption among accounts
  • Utility customer web management through web portal
  • Utility and utility customer presentment
  • Weather data synchronized against interval usage
  • Utility customer leak monitoring and alerts
  • Cloud-based with no infrastructure investment

N_SIGHT R450 host software features

  • Web-based, thin-client platform
  • Dashboard to monitor Key Performance Indicators
  • Priority alarms for reverse flow events and continuous leaks
  • Time-synchronized meter reads and DMA analysis to reduce Non-Revenue Water
  • GIS mapping interface
  • Customizable reporting engine
  • Graphical/tabular representation of consumption data
  • Virtual disconnect with and without usage

N_SIGHT R900 host software features

  • Support for handheld, mobile, and fixed network meter reading
  • System health screen
  • Standard and customizable reporting
  • Intuitive graphical representation of consumption/ leak, tamper, and reverse flow information
  • Data logging graphing and reporting
  • Unattended operation
  • Easy to install and use
  • Virtual disconnects to eliminate truck rolls

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