Case Study | July 17, 2012

MBBR Eliminates Odor Problems While Reaching Effluent Targets At Fish Processing Plant

Source: Headworks International Inc.

Based in Danvers, Massachusetts, High Liner Fishery Products is a leading supplier of quality fresh and frozen seafood products. High Liner Fishery Products has more than 150 value-added fish and shrimp products, such as: cod, flounder, salmon, tilapia, and lobster. With value-added production facilities in both Massachusetts and Newfoundland and a major distribution center in Massachusetts, High Liner Fishery Products boasts the most seafood processing technology and distribution capabilities in the industry.

High Liner’s fish processing plant was experiencing challenges with their existing wastewater treatment system, based on conventional trickling filter technology. The plant was generating a myriad of problems, including: plugging, flies, and even odor complaints from neighboring residents.

Fish smells aren’t popular, especially smells from a fish processing plant. Management knew they had to take action, so they began to search for an alternative treatment technology. The new treatment system would not only have to eliminate the existing problems, it also needed to be expandable, fit within the old plant’s footprint, and be simple to operate. To complicate matters more, the nature of the business required that the processing plant operate 350 days/year with a two week shutdown in July. Accordingly, the new system would have to be installed within a very tight two week window.

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