Datasheet | April 11, 2011

Echologics LeakFinderRT™ - PC-Based Leak Noise Correlator Datasheet

Source: Mueller Water Products

Since its introduction, the Windows-based LeakFinderRT™ has developed a well-earned reputation for being the most advanced Leak Noise Correlator on the market. Field-test results from clients such as Veolia UK, Scottish Water, and American Leak Detection provide clear proof that LeakFinderRT™ locates leaks that other correlators cannot.

Supporting the powerful hardware is advanced leak-detection training that can take the user from novice to leak-detection technician. Add to the mix Echologics’ excellent customer support and no down-time policy and it’s easy to see why customers such as the Las Vegas Valley Water District have chosen LeakFinderRT™

A correlator designed by acoustical engineers and perfected in the field, LeakFinderRT™ locates leaks accurately and non-invasively. Simple to operate, it reduces costs by finding leaks efficiently.

  • Software operates on PC’s running Microsoft Windows XP, Vista or W7
  • No prior knowledge or experience required to operate
  • Training programs and online tutorials available
  • Simple input parameters required

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