Datasheet | September 13, 2013

HR | E LCD Encoder Datasheet

Source: Badger Meter

The High Resolution Encoder (HR-E LCD) is a fully electronic, solid-state encoder with no moving parts. It is designed for use with all current Badger Meter Recordall® Disc, Turbo Series, Compound Series, Combo Series and Fire Service meters and assemblies. The HR-E LCD provides connectivity with Badger Meter ORION® and GALAXY® AMR/AMI endpoints and other AMR/AMI technology solutions approved by Badger Meter.

Field Programmable: The HR-E LCD comes standard as factory-programmed to customer specifications, with the option for field-programming the unit of measure, meter type, meter model, billing units, and rate-of-flow time and units. Programming is performed through the IR port via a computer.

Electronic Resolution: Encoded output from the HR-E LCD includes nine-digit resolution.

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