Brochure | December 14, 2011

Headworks Conveying Systems Brochure

Source: Headworks International Inc.
Conveying Systems Brochure

The Screwpactor is a shafted screw conveyor/compactor with optional washing and bagging modules. The stainless steel housing has several sections including the perforated drain trough, the transport/wash zone and the press zone. Solids are fed directly onto the shafted spiral. A brush is mounted on the flights of the spiral in the drainage section to keep the drain sieve clean. Solids are conveyed through the wash zone on the way to the press zone where they are dewatered and compacted.

The Screwpactor HD is a heavy duty shafted screw compactor designed to handle debris in wastewater that wouldn’t be considered typical, such as: bricks, wood, tires, and gravel. It takes these unconventional materials and breaks them down with ease for disposal.

The Transporter is a shaftless conveyer and the Transpactor is a shaftless conveyer/compactor with optional washing and bagging modules. A carbon steel shaftless spiral rests in a polyethylene lined stainless steel trough. Solids are fed directly onto the shaftless spiral upstream of the perforated drain section. The spiral pushes the screenings through the transport section and optional wash module where a flow of wash water removes organics.

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