Brochure | June 22, 2011

Brochure: EquaFlo 360™ System

Source: Ovivo

Ovivo‘s EquaFlo 360™ Energy Dissipating Inlet (EDI) for clarifiers provides a uniform velocity profile and promotes flocculation within the feedwell. Unlike conventional EDIs, which use just a few openings in the EDI shell, this improved device uses the entire EDI circumference to discharge flow. Influent short-circuiting has also been eliminated and deep discharge points are no longer used, rendering traditional feedwell depths necessary. Therefore, the EquaFlo 360 unit has only a short vertical profile. This avoids scouring of the sludge blanket as flow goes beneath the lower edge of the feedwell, making the system ideal for retrofitting shallow clarifiers. The EquaFlo 360 system with its low velocity 360° tangential flow, elimination of flow jet short-circuiting and low profile is advancement in clarifier technology available only from Ovivo.

Competing scooped baffled, or TEE outlets dissipate energy but also generate flow streams. Flow streams cause turbulence and preferential jets in the feedwell, reducing clarifier performance. These designs also require deep feedwells to reduce the risk of short-circuiting under the feedwell, and so miss out on the additional benefits of the low profile EquaFlo 360 design.

Key features & benefits

  • Uniform velocity profile
  • Uniform flows into the feedwell around full 360° circumference
  • Low vertical profile
  • Prevents scouring of the sludge blanket on the clarifier floor

How we create value

  • Advanced clarifier technology available only from Ovivo
  • Prevents the reduction of clarifier performance common to competing systems

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