EM-mini Packaged Water Treatment Systems

Source: Filtronics, Inc.


Filtronics EM-mini packaged water treatment systems are factory assembled, fully self-contained and specifically designed for applications 100 gpm or less. Coming in standard configurations, the EM-mini features a smaller footprint at the lowest capital cost in the industry making them perfect for budget minded small communities, schools, commercial or industrial facilites needing a simple, economical solution. To optimize performance, the EM-mini utilizes our NSF certified Electromedia® which allows for higher filtration rates, minimal chemical dosage, and never needs replacement.

● Flows from 5 - 100 gpm
● Pre-engineered to minimize design costs
● Simple Plug & Play installation
● Minimal permitting to reduce installation costs & time
● Easy to use - no operator certifications needed
● Highly portable - fits into tight spaces
● Automated controls
● The most economical solution on the market

● Commercial facilities
● Schools
● Hospitals
● Mobile home parks
● Retirement communities
● Day care facilities
● Small utilties
● Small sub-divisions
● Industry