Double Isolation Steel Plug Valve

Source: Flowserve Corporation


The Flowserve Nordstrom Double Isolation Plug Valve is designed for critical shutoff applications where absolute shutoff is required for safety, environmental or process reasons.

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  • Compressor isolation
  • Pump isolation
  • Meter isolation
  • Water or gas injection system isolation
  • Critical vents, drains and blow-downs to atmosphere

Some of the benefits of the Double Isolation Plug Valve are:

  • Installation and maintenance costs are reduced dramatically.
  • Uses proven Dynamic Balance pressure balance and sealing technology.
  • Two superior quality valves with the standard ANSI
  • Valve dimension of a single valve.
  • Twice as many seats means twice the safety.
  • Allows for maximum port area for better flow.
  • Innovative technology from the leader in plug valves.
  • Available in 2''-24'' ANSI #150, 300, 600, 900, 1500, 2500 API 6A 2000, 3000, 5000.


  • Ground and Lapped Metal-to-Metal Seats Ensure Tight Shutoff to Resist Erosion
  • Seats are Fully Protected with Valve Open
  • Dynamic Balancing Prevents Unequal Pressure Above or Below the Plug
  • Pressure Energized Stem Packing
  • Ball Bearing Ensures Smooth Operation and More Accurate Seat Adjustments
  • Ball Bearing Ensures Smooth Operation and More Accurate Seat Adjustments

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